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Step by Step Guide for Grant Applications

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Here is our step by step guide for grant applications.

Step 1: Read the Guidelines

Reading the grant guidelines is very important as it provides you with the assessment criteria and gives you an indication of what is required in the application. For example, supporting documentation may be required for the application which could include letters of support or artist biographies. The guidelines will also offer you details about deadlines to meet, the period in which the funding can be used and whether your project is eligible for the grant that you are applying for.

Many council grants and funding bodies use their own systems (e.g. Smartygrants), so also be aware of how you need to apply for the grant.

Step 2: Contact Funding Body

Contacting the funding body or grant office to discuss your project is the best way to establish a relationship with the grant officers, and they will be able to assist you with any questions you have during the process. They can also confirm whether your project is eligible for a particular grant and clarify what they are looking for in an application.

Creative Victoria

When applying as an auspiced applicant to Creative Victoria, there is a unique sign up procedure. Once you’ve contacted Creative Victoria to discuss your project and you are ready to apply, you can:

  • Sign up to the online Creative Victoria portal (or use your existing log in).
  • Go to ‘Update My Details’ and make a note of your Contact Code.
  • Email Auspicious Arts requesting us to register you as an auspiced applicant, citing your Contact Code (not your APP number) and the email address you used to log in.
  • Auspicious Arts will register your application and confirm your APP number. You can then start your online application.

Step 3: Contact Auspicious Arts Projects

Contact us to discuss your project!

When applying as an auspiced applicant, please provide:

  • A project summary (who, what, when, where);
  • A draft budget for the project or production (which needs to include our 5% auspice fee);
  • At least 5 business days from the due date of the grant, to review and assess your budget.

You can email your project outline and budget to the Client Manager you have been speaking to.

Please be aware that we do not write or review grant applications – our primary role is to assess the budget and the project’s feasibility, adherence to risk management and compliance to staffing and award rates if necessary. If you require assistance in drafting a budget, we can organise a one-on-one session with you to discuss your project.

Step 4: Submitting Your Grant

Once we’ve approved your budget, we will also supply a letter of support and any other documentation required.

Please notify us when you have submitted your application and provide us with evidence of your submitted application (this is usually a PDF document).

Creative Victoria

Remember when submitting your application:

  • Complete your application by the specified date
  • Notify Auspicious that you have uploaded your application, and we will submit it on your behalf.

Step 5: Notification

Depending on the grant, notifications may be sent to Auspicious Arts Projects or to you. If we receive the notification, we will send this to you as soon as possible. Similarly, please let us know if you receive a notification. If unsuccessful, we recommend that you contact the funding body for feedback to improve future applications.

If successful, there will be a funding agreement, generally between Auspicious Arts Projects and the funding body. We will accept the grant on your behalf once you have read and approved the agreement. Auspicious Arts Projects will then send you an induction pack, which includes our auspice agreement and everything you need to get started with your project.

We are also here to answer any questions you have regarding your project!